Yuk Puasa


Yuk Puasa is my android app project. This app is being developed along with my colleague, M Rizaldi. The purpose of the app is to inform the closest islamic fasting schedule in the following days. Other than the schedule, this app also inform the hadith or the surah regarding the fasting. This app used The Umm al-Qura Hijri Calendar in it's core to calculate the folowing fasting schedule. The app also add options to change the schedule color appearance for each fasting schedule and adjust the hijri date in case of miscalculation by the app.

Tech Used

Java | AndroidSDK


Below are features that will be on initial release of this app

  • Fasting schedule based on The Umm al-Qura Hijri Calendar
  • Hadith or surah about fasting
  • Option to adjust or calibrate Hijri date
  • Option to adjust list color for specific fast
  • Widget with info about 2 next fasting schedule
  • Currently only support Indonesian language


The app is on the Google Play Store, initial release of this app was published as of 7th February 2018. The app has been updated 2 times. Latest update released as of 26 February 2018 with addition a new widget feature and bugfix. Support android devices from Jelly Bean (API 16), currently only available in Indonesia

Yuk Puasa

Available Now!
Current version : 1.1.1

Upcoming Features

After current release (v 1.1.1) the app is still in development, here are some planned feature for this app

  • Notification about upcoming fasting of user choice
  • Calendar view that inform a fasting schedule using color from user preferences