Sistem Informasi Penelitian Publikasi Pengabdian


Sistem Informasi Publikasi Penelitian Pengabdian is an app to accomodate the need of research, publication, and service information done by the college lecturer. This app was intended to ease the process of managing & handling data from the laboratories to management level. The lab assistant can manage data in the app for their respective laboratory thus management at higher level can directly view & export data from laboratories as it has been submitted. Main feature of this app are store, retrieve, search, export to spreadsheet, and categorize information according to laboratory. This project was developed to complete "Praktek Kerja Lapangan" course in my recent study.

Tech Used

PHP | Codeigniter | MySQL | Javascipt | Bootstrap


Following use case diagram, class diagram, and entity relationship diagram was used to develop this project. Click the link bellow to view the desired design

Try Snippet

What is this snippet about ?

In this snippet, you can try to mantain penelitan data (simplified). You can insert, view, and delete data in this snippet. There are 3 sections in this snippet : Description, Form, and Table. You're currently in Description section now. You can change the section by clicking the button above.

Form Section

In form section you can insert penelitian data by filling out the form provided there. Before submitting please ensure that you've solved the captcha provided there. After all the form & captcha filled out, you can submit using submit button. If submission process finished a confirmation dialog will appear confirming the submission.

Table Section

In table section you can view and delete penelitian data. To view data simply look up the data in the table provided there. To delete data press the delete button and confirm deletion in the upcoming dialog and wait the process to finish.

How to use ?

To insert data please go to Form section. To view and delete data please go to Table section.


Please note that everyone can write anything there. The author of this site held no responsibility and liability for the content. Because everybody can insert and delete here, your data may be deleted by someone else before you can even see in the table section.

Name Research Title Year Action
Name Research Title Title Action