Popular Movie


Popular Movie is an android app to view 20 popular movie, and 20 top rated movie at themoviedb.org. The app also able to store your favorite movie from the popular or top rated list. Trailer and review for each movies can be viewed in this app. This app is developed to finish my study in Indonesia Android Kejar 3 Intermediate. This app is open sourced, check the source section bellow.

Tech Used

Java | AndroidSDK | SQLite


Current features of this app

  • View 20 movies on popular and top rated list in themoviedb.org
  • View reviews and trailers of each movie
  • Favorite list for your favorite movie
  • Layout change when orientation of the device change


The app is on my Github Popular Movie Repository, a release was published as of 14th February 2018

Popular Movie

Available Now!
Current version : 1.0-alpha1

Source Code

The source code for this app is available on my Github Repository page. Note that you will need to provide themoviedb.ori v3 API key in order to properly use the code. Simply add string resouce for your API key in android resource directory folder. Instruction is available from the in README.md

Popular Movie Repo