Analisis Data Fluorescence Penyakit Kanker


Analisis Data Fluorescence Penyakit Kanker is application to train, store dataset, validate and classify breast cancer using numerical MicroRNA expression data. It takes .csv file as an input dataset with specified format, generate and validate backpropagation and naive bayes model. This application is a web and web service app for android application Mobile Flourescence Spectroscopy (MoFluS). The web service portion of this app is to provide classification service, cloud storage for user data : stored image and user preferences, and stroring dataset through JSON

Tech Used

Python | Flask | MongoDB | JSON | Javascipt | Bootstrap


Unfortunately the stakeholder of this project currently doesn't allow me to publish the design previously used ☹ kindly check back later.

Try Snippet

What is this snippet about ?

In this snippet, you can try to request a Resource using URI provided. It's not related to this project, but this snippet represent how service was delivered to android app (minus the authentication of course). Resource provided here is gathered from my other snippet : Sistem Informasi Penelitian Publikasi Pengabdian, it contains Penelitian data with field as follow

  • ketua : Name of the Chief Researcher
  • peneliti1 : Name of the Researcher 1
  • peneliti2 : Name of the Researcher 2
  • title : Title of the Research
  • year : Year of Research

If the data returns empty, kindly add some data first at the folowing link

How to use ?

You can use any program or tool to get resource from web. Your browser probably works just fine as it's currently doesn't request authentication key. Just go to URI provided below or click here. Below are the detailed explanation

  • Method
  • URI
  • Response
    JSON array of penelitian data


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